Suggestions for the short weekend trips

Posted on 06/02/2019 9:17am

Tons of guys, when having a free weekend, frequently spend it doing nothing special. In practice it means that they are at home and waste an amazing opportunity to try and discover something completely new. If this is a case also with you, this brief text will present you with two ideas of destinations that are perfect for short weekend trips.

To reach the first suggested country, you should buy your flights to Estonia. Estonia is an incredible mix of modernity and history. This country used to be a part of the Soviet Union.
Author: Loris Silvio Zecchinato
Consequently, it is easy to still see there lots of old Soviet buildings as well as remainings. At the same time, Estonia is a member of the European Union and its economy develops at a highly fast pace at this moment. So, you can also see plenty of modern buildings and sites (read about this). This amazing mix will be great and highly engaging thing for everybody who loves history. Moreover, the country is famous for its sandy beaches, where you could do lots of water sports, such as sailing and windsurfing. Doesn’t it sound great? It definitely does! In consequence, you should obviously book your flights to Estonia soon!
Author: Daniel Jolivet

Another suggested destination is Moldova (visit this website). At this moment, there are many flights to Moldova. Therefore, it will not be a problem to book a suitable connection.

Moreover, this country becomes very popular tourist destination. Because of this, this is possible to find flights to Moldova for very good price. Moldova will give you opportunity to see as well as experience many contrasts – from expensive clubs in Chisinau, to poor villages surrounded by the breath taking views.

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